Sound Idea Sessions | Deshendri
Deshendri Smit
from Johannesburg
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About me

I’m a strategic thinker with a knack for understanding what drives people. I’m curious by nature and a natural problem solver with a wealth of consumer behavioral experience that I use to add real value to peoples’ lives, both personally and professionally. I left a successful corporate career to pursue creating something that could make a difference. I’m an ex Executive Head of Sales, mother of two, wife of my biggest supporter and recent entrepreneur building a platform to help people buy better.

Why you should vote for me

My partner and I have built a platform that aims to help people buy better, we’re bootstrapping, hustling, creating, winning, losing, collaborating but most importantly trying to add some authenticity in product and service offerings by facilitating an honest conversation amongst consumers and brands. We need this bursary for a little hand holding on what can be a scary and lonely journey- especially when you’ve sacrificed comfort and stability to change an industry we know can work better.